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Skullgirls action comic



Mike Exner III , Black / Suzi Blake ...

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Mike Exner III

Hey, y’all! I’m Mike Exner, a writer from the California Bay Area. I write Skullgirls (with more to come!) here, and a bunch of other stuff elsewhere. Subscribe to my Substack to find out what and see what I’m up to next! Spoiler: It’s comics… I’m probably just making more comics.

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Black / Suzi Blake

Hi I’m Artist Black! A decade ago I had a webcomic, and my very first job was contract work for Skullgirls, and now I’m back at it again lmao Hi! I'm Suzi. When I'm not playing games or eating pho, I love to draw the characters from my childhood through licensed comics.

Created by

Wiirdo / Pasteldot

I'm Wiirdo- a certified goofy goober. I like cats, Dr. Pepper, and making art with my partner in crime, Pasteldot. I'm always working on improving! Hi I'm Leigha or pasteldot! I’m an artist and cosplayer who loves sleep, cats, and Skullgirls. Chicken noodle soup powers my soul.

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