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MoonRise action comic



Mike Exner III , Cem Iroz

Created by

Mike Exner III

Hey, y’all! I’m Mike Exner, a writer from the California Bay Area. I write Skullgirls (with more to come!) here, and a bunch of other stuff elsewhere. Subscribe to my Substack to find out what and see what I’m up to next! Spoiler: It’s comics… I’m probably just making more comics.

Created by

Cem Iroz

Cem Iroz is a comic book artist, who is a human being. He is not a robot, just a human. He draws a lot, like a robot... sorry, human... Sigh, fine I'm a robot from the future, okay!? My mission is to find and eradicate Mike Exner III before he becomes world president and has all robots destroyed!

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