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Traveler super-hero comic



T Campbell , John & Jason Waltrip ...

Written by

T Campbell

I’ve written a lot of comics in a lot of genres: Guilded Age (fantasy), Fans (sci-fi), Penny and Aggie (teen dramedy), Rip and Teri (spy/romance), and some books about comics too, plus some weird crossword projects. Traveler is my first superhero feature, but honestly, it’s got a bit of everything.

Art by

John & Jason Waltrip

Identical twin brothers John and Jason Waltrip are life-long artists and residents of Williamsburg, Virginia. They first broke into comics with Robotech II: The Sentinels, and they’ve worked together for over thirty years to create excellent comics like Tsunami Girl, BoHos, Faans!, and Guilded Age.

Assisted by

Monica Marier

Monica Marier is a co-founder of Tangent Artists, where she’s artist & writer on webcomics Skeleton Crew and CRIT! and on The Guild Guides series. Her novel series, Must Love Dragons, is in second printing. She often walks the sidewalks of Historic Virginia, muttering character dialogue to herself.

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