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Pacific Rim: Amara sf comic


Pacific Rim: Amara

Cavan Scott / Zhang Ran , BigN

Written by

Cavan Scott / Zhang Ran

Scott is the co-writer of Pacific Rim: Amara. Away from Kaiju, he has written for series such as Star Wars, Doctor Who, & Judge Dredd. Zhang Ran’s first published story, "Ether," won the Yinhe Award & Gold Xingyun Award. The Windy City, a collection of his short stories, published in 2015.

Art by


BigN has published a several comics in Man You Magazine including, "Night Owl Bookstore," "Special Repair of the Village," "Invisible Stars of the City," "Forest Deep," and "Monster”. His comic "Deep in the Forest" won the 13th Chinese animation Dragon Award Best comic silver medal.

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