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The Duke's Cursed Charm romance comic


The Duke's Cursed Charm

Goyogom , Sohwagi ...

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Nice to meet you. I'm Goyogom, a webcomics creator who loves shōjo manga. My favorite drink is milk tea. When I drink warm milk tea, I gain strength to go through my daily tasks. I wish my story will deliver the similar warmth and comfort to you just like that of Lena's warm tea. :)

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Hello, I'm Sohwagi. I enjoy classics and romance novels. I'm always grateful for your support.

Original work by

Lemon Frog

As a romance fantasy writer, Lemon Frog, I am documenting all my romantic imaginations I had since I was a kid in my novel. I will continue writing in the hopes that my work will give you a brief moment of happiness in your day.

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