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Obsidian Bride romance comic


Obsidian Bride

V0RA , Chung purm ...

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My goal in life to create a romance fantasy series that can enrich your everyday life. And this series is one of my steps to achieving that goal. I hope you like this series :) I hope to meet you in the future with another series!

Written by

Chung purm

Hello, I'm Chung purm. Thank you for enjoying "Obsidian Bride," a K-Romance Fantasy Reality Show. I do not have a personal social media handle, but if you share your comments via SoyMedia's account, I will be more than happy to communicate with you.

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Team Quartz

Hello, I'm a webcomics creator who is working on "Obsidian Bride." I mostly work on (and enjoy reading) romance fantasy series. Hope you can enjoy reading this series too!

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