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Update on WEBTOON's Ad Revenue Sharing Program (Updated) 08.26.2018

* Updated on 27th, August




Hey again, Discover Creators!


We started rolling out the beta version of the Ad Revenue Sharing Program on August 1st. There’s been a large number of Creators who have already applied, and the approval process is underway.


In order to create a sustainable model, we need to continuously test, calibrate, update, and tweak until we find the ad products that provide the best experience. To find this perfect balance, we’re inviting Discover Creators to participate in our beta program.


You may notice changes in how ads appear during the beta period. That’s because we are working to identify the best user experience while maximizing Creators’ profit by testing types of ads, location, and frequency. 


Creators who join our beta will be entitled to a 50% share of the net profit as laid out in the Ad Revenue Sharing Program Terms of Service. Creators will also be rewarded with performance-based credits for being early adopters of this monetization program! 


We will continue to develop new monetization methods that will benefit a variety of webtoons, regardless of genre, format, or style.




-        The specifics of the program can be found in the Ad Revenue Sharing Program Terms of Service and FAQ  

-        Ad Revenue is generated for every single approved series

​-        ​The series applying for ad sharing must have over 40,000 US Monthly Page Views; AND over 1,000 subscribers

​-        ​Creators will receive 50% of the net profit generated from ads associated with their series after approval

​-        ​Monthly Ad Revenue earnings will be updated on the 'Ad Sharing βeta' tab on the 21st of the following month

​-        ​Once the accumulated Ad Revenue Share balance exceeds $100 in a given month, monthly payments will be released 

         automatically in $100 increments

​-        ​Payments will be processed through Patreon. If there is no registered Patreon ID, any Ad Revenue generated will continue to 

         accrue without payment


  * Limitations:

​-        ​Creators must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the Ad Revenue Sharing Program

​-        ​You cannot receive payment if you do not register your Patreon ID to your Webtoon account. Currently, Patreon is the only payment 

         method. Webtoon is not responsible for any payment errors or issues that arise from inaccurate Patreon ID entry

​-        ​Please keep current with the Ad Revenue Sharing Program Terms of Service and FAQ




​-        ​Credits will be rewarded to any Creators whose series have been approved for the Ad Revenue Sharing Program 

​-        ​Credits will not be displayed on the 'Ad Sharing βeta' tab but announced on the Notice Board around the 21st of the following month

​-        ​Credits will be paid through Patreon (If you do not register a valid Patreon ID on your Account, Credits will disappear and do not roll over to any subsequent month)  

​-        ​The Beta Creator Credit will end when the accumulated sum of credit reaches $1,000,000 USD or 11:59 PM Korean Standard Time           (KST), July 19, 2019, whichever comes first

​-        ​The credit will be provided to the top performing title in your account. 

​-        ​The series that qualifies for Beta Creator Credit must update once or more in a month according to Korean Standard Time (KST)

​-        ​The credit amount is determined by your Monthly US Page Views. Please refer to the table below:


  US Monthly Page View


















* Webtoon reserves the right to amend the Beta Creator Credit structure at any time.


* Limitations:

​-        ​Webtoon reserves the right to withhold any payments should we detect any violations or abuse of the Ad Revenue Sharing Program Terms of Service, Discover Policy, Terms of Use and any other Terms or Policies

​-        ​Any form of PV abusing will result in restrictions including but not limited to disqualification from the Beta Creator Credit and termination from the Ad Revenue Sharing Program


You can find more details on the Ad Revenue Sharing Program Terms of ServiceDiscover Policy, and the FAQ Page.


If you have any questions, please email us at