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Webtoon Contest FAQ 05.24.2018



1. How much prize money can be won in total?


The total prize for the Grand Prize Winner is $80,000.

Round 1 Prize $5,000
+ Round 2 Prize $25,000
+ Grand Prize $50,000
Total Prize $80,000


The total prize for the 4 Finalists is $30,000 each.


Round 1 Prize $5,000
+ Round 2 Prize $25,000
Total Prize $30,000


The total prize for the 8 Contenders is $5,000 each.

   Round 1 Prize: $5,000



2. How do I select which category to participate in?


Create a new series on Discover during the Submission Period, and select a genre in Genre 1 that belongs to the category you want to participate.


Most Gripping: Thriller, Horror, Supernatural, Mystery/Crime
Most Laughs: Comedy, Slice of life
Most Epic: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action, Superhero
Most Feels: Drama, Romance



Make sure the check mark is green to submit to the contest.


3. Can one series qualify for two different categories?

You can only compete in one category. The primary genre you pick will determine the contest category.


4. What are the submission requirements?

The submission requirement depends on the genre of your choice.

Number of Episodes Number of Panels/Episode
Most Gripping: 5 or more 40 or more
Most Laughs: 8 or more 12 or more
Most Epic: 4 or more 35 or more
Most Feels: 6 or more 40 or more



5. Can I submit prior to June 11, 2018?


To be eligible, your contest entry must be published between June 11, 2018 and September 13, 2018.



6. Can I submit a series that was previously published on Discover?

You cannot submit a title that has been published on Discover prior to June 11, 2018 as a contest submission. However, you may submit your existing Discover series by re-uploading the story as a “New” series during the submission period of June 11, 2018 to September 13, 2018. Please ensure that your series meets the panel and episode guidelines. 



7. Can I submit a series that was previously published elsewhere?


You may submit a series that was previously self-published online as long as you fully own the series and have exclusive and direct control over it. You cannot submit a series that was previously published by a publisher (online and/or offline). You cannot submit a series that was previously printed offline for circulation, including self-publishing.



8. I live outside the US. Can I enter the contest?

You can participate regardless of where you reside as long as the country of your residence permits you to participate in such contests. Please see the official rules for details.



9. How old do I need to be in order to enter the contest?

You must be 14 years or older in order to participate. If you are under 18, you must have permission from your parent or legal guardian. Please see the official rules for details.



10. How frequently do I need to publish?

You can publish however frequently as you like as long as you fulfill the required number of episode and panels.


11. Can a Prologue or Episode 0 not have the required number of panels as long as there are more episodes?

As long as you have the minimum requirement of episodes that meet the panel requirement, any additional episodes do not need to meet the requirement.

For example, if you are submitting to the “Most Feels” category, you can have an opening episode with less than 40 panels as long as there are 6 episodes following that meet the 40 panel requirement.

12. What counts as a panel?

A panel is a frame or a single drawing. A panel can vary in size and complexity depending on its purpose. For example, a panel can be an establishing shot, a close-up, high angle shot, long shot, etc.

Here are some examples of how we would count panels:


13. How do you measure the level of audience engagement?

The level of audience engagement takes into consideration factors such as comments and likes relative to the consistency and duration of the series.  


We aim to foster a spirit of friendly competition. We will not tolerate any form of abuse, whether its intention is to harass creators or gain a competitive advantage. 



14. Can I participate in the Contest if I am/was a Featured creator on Webtoon?

If you currently have an ongoing series as a Featured creator, you cannot participate in the contest. If you are currently working with an editor at Webtoon to launch a series, you cannot participate in the contest. Please check with your editor for your eligibility.


15. Can I submit after September 13, 2018?


No. The contest submission closes after September 13. No series or episodes submitted after this date will be considered eligible for judging.


16. Can I use Fair Use stock images or other image resources?


We are not able to advise anyone regarding copyright as it regards a third party’s copyright.

As long as you maintain you have full ownership and that you are not infringing on someone else’s copyright, you will not be disqualified.

Please see the official rules for details. 


17. What Mature content is allowed?

Your series must comply with the content guidelines in the Discover Policy.

The best way to get a sense of what’s allowed according to our policies is to check out our Featured content. 

We feature a variety of genres with differing levels of content. 




For additional questions, contact us. Please read the official rules before reaching out.


FAQ last updated: 06.11.2018