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WEBTOON's Pledge to Discover x Patreon Creators for May 06.22.2017


Dear Creators on Discover,


We are happy to announce Discover x Patreon Creators who were qualified for Webtoon's Direct Pledge in May.


The following ​177​ creators should have received direct pledge from Webtoon for their Discover uploads in May. The pledges have all been processed to your Patreon account, so please check your Patreon Profile Picture -> Account Settings -> Payout Preference/Method on Patreon for the pledge.


Thank you very much for your patience on the pledge process.​ ​ 




Congratulations to the above creators on Discover. 

We look forward to reading many more good comics to come and pledging to more talents in the future! 


As always, please forward any inquiry to as usual. We are trying our best to send our replies.



Webtoon​ ​ ​​​  ​