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[Event] Comment to Win! 04.01.2015




How to Enter the Event


Step 1. Pick your favorite webtoon.

Step 2. Under any episode of chosen webtoon, leave thoughtful and webtoon-relevant comment(s). 

Step 3. Having more comments in diverse webtoons will increase your chance of winning! 

Also the more likes on your comment(s) will help to win!



Event Details



Receiving the Prize 

The prize will be given within a month after LINE Webtoon team announces the result of the contest through a LINE Webtoon contest prize distribution agency. The authorized contest prize distribution agency will ask your address and information to send you the prize.



Contest Qualifications  

There are no nationality restrictions, but you must be at least 14 years old to participate in the contest*

*You must be at least 14 years old as of Apr 1st, to be eligible to enter the Contest and may reside anywhere in the world. If you are minor,  you must have permission from a parent’s or legal guardian to enter the Contest. If selected as a winner you will be required to provide your parent or legal guardian’s written consent to your participation,  and if you fail to provide such written consent within three business days of the request then you will be disqualified and Your prize will be withdrawn. 



Winner Evaluation

: Comments that are thoughtful and webtoon-relevant and more than 20 words in order to be considered as an event entry.

: Having diverse comments in different webtoons will increase your chance of winning.

: Constructive, creative, and funny comments that everyone can relate to (with many likes)

: Any comments considered as abusive (spamming, using swear words) will be automatically ruled out.

: You may enter the event with multiple accounts, but the total number of comments will be summed up for each single account only.





Thank you for your participation and hope we get to see tons of joyful comments!



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