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WEBTOON x Patreon for Monetization on Discover! 07.12.2016

Webtoon x Patreon for Monetization on Discover

Webtoon is teaming up with Patreon to bring all Discover creators a new investment program and integration. Starting today, creators will have the option to link their Patreon accounts to their comics on Webtoon and let readers pledge directly for ongoing support, and on top of it, LINE Webtoon will additionally pledge up to $1,000 per month per qualifying creators for a year as outlined below.


Why Webtoon x Patreon?

Both Patreon and Webtoon are creator-friendly platforms dedicated to fostering new talent and helping creators monetize their work in the digital realm, while still granting creators full ownership of their own IP.


What is Patreon?

Patreon is a way for creators to earn ongoing funding directly from their fans via crowd-funding, and you can learn more about Patreon hereWebtoon fans, this is your chance to show off your support for your favorite creators on Discover!


Integrated Features:

1. Creators will be able to register their Patreon ID in Creator’s Dashboard (Updated on 7/19/2016).



2. Once Patreon ID is registered, [Become a Patron] button that links to creator’s pledge page on Patreon will appear on the series’ home and at the bottom of each episode in both web (PC and mobile – updated on 7/19/2016) and the app (To be updated on 7/29/2016).



3. Creators will have direct access to their patronage status and their readership stats on their dashboard (To be updated on 7/29/2016).



Webtoon’s Pledge Program:

Starting August 1st, 2016, Webtoon will directly pledge to qualifying creators up to $1,000 per month per creator for up to 300 creators every month until July 2017, per the qualification table below: 


In order to qualify for Webtoon’s pledge, creators will need to:

  a) Update at least twice a month

  b) [Have 3k+ subscribers (All regions) AND have 10k+ US monthly pageviews / update*]


        [Have 5k+ subscribers (All regions) AND have 5k+ US monthly pageviews / update]


* US monthly pageviews / update = Total number of pageviews of the whole series during a given month, divided by number of updates during the same given month



Example cases:

- 3k+ Subscribers AND 5k+ US pv / update --> Webtoon’s Pledge: $0

- 5k+ Subscribers AND 5k+ US pv / update --> Webtoon’s Pledge : $100

- 3k+ Subscribers AND 10k+ US pv / update --> Webtoon’s Pledge : $100

- 5k+ Subscribers AND 10k+ US pv / update --> Webtoon’s Pledge : $100+$100 = $200

- 20k+ Subscribers AND 30k+ US pv / update --> Webtoon’s Pledge : $500+$300 = $800 





* Please read our [FAQ] section to find answers to common questions regarding​ "Webtoon x Patreon"