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Episode Scheduler Now Available for All CANVAS Creators! 11.10.2020

Hi CANVAS creators!  

We're excited to announce that the episode scheduler is now available for ALL CANVAS creators - you can now schedule all of your episodes in advance!
Scheduling episodes in advance is easy! Simply click on the 'Publish' button in your series dashboard and choose between one of two options: 'Immediately' (episode will publish right away) or 'Schedule for later,' which will bring up a date and time box for you to schedule when your episode will go live. 

When scheduling episodes, you want to make sure everything is in chronological order for when it will be going live. If you accidentally schedule an episode for the wrong day or time, you can click 'Cancel' to halt the publishing. Remember, it's a good idea to create a buffer for yourself (3 episodes recommended) so you can stay on schedule and give yourself breaks when you need to. 

Keep your time zone in mind - the scheduler time is in your device time, and if you need to double check the timezone you're publishing in, just click the question mark next to the time box! 

The scheduler is LIVE NOW, so get started scheduling your episodes and e-mail if you experience any issues.