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2020 WEBTOON CANVAS Awards Announcement 10.01.2020

Hey everyone! 


2020 has been a big year for CANVAS, and we want to close out the year the best way we know how, by celebrating our creators!


We are excited to announce the 2020 WEBTOON CANVAS Awards, an end-of-year awards celebration featuring six categories!


Today, October 1st at 6PM PDT through October 18th at 6PM PDT, all CANVAS readers who read 50 series, with a minimum of 5 episodes per series, will be selected to participate in the first ever CANVAS Awards nomination process!


All CANVAS readers who complete the above criteria will receive an in-app pop-up between October 23rd at 12AM PDT and October 26th at 12AM PDT asking for their e-mail. E-mails with the nomination forms will be sent out to participants on October 30th at 6PM PDT.

Each awards category will feature 50 of the top series  based on page views collected between January 1st, 2020 and October 18th, 2020 (series must be in line with WEBTOON policies).


The top 12 nominated series per category will be announced and up for voting November 23rd at 6PM through November 27th at 6PM and the 6 winners will be announced during our December CANVAS Day on December 14th! While the nomination process is reserved for loyal CANVAS readers, the final voting will open to all WEBTOON users.


We’ll be re-announcing all of this when the CANVAS Awards page launches, but here are the 6 categories!


Romance - Nominees:

Comedy - Nominees:

Slice of Life - Nominees:

Fantasy - Nominees:

Sci-fi - Nominees:

Supernatural - Nominees:


Our 6 winners will be greenlit to become WEBTOON ORIGINALS! 


We’re so excited to bring you this event and can’t wait to share even more exciting information - stay tuned!



10/1 6PM PDT - 10/18 6PM PDT: Read 50 CANVAS series (5 episodes minimum per series)

10/23 12AM - 10/26 12AM: Receive in-app pop-up and enter your e-mail address

10/30 6PM PDT: Receive nomination e-mail and nominate your favorite series per category

11/23 6PM PDT - 11/27 6PM PDT: VOTE



Ready to get started reading 5 episodes of 50 CANVAS series?