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Black Lives Matter 06.10.2020

Thank you for your patience as we have, as a company, have taken time to formulate our response to the injustices around us.

Rest assured, we feel deeply for the Black Community and this is just the beginning of our education. We know you all feel the same.
But empathy is nothing without action. That’s why we are dedicating time, money, and energy into the following initiatives to make WEBTOON a more diverse, inclusive place.
1) WE WILL EDUCATE. Internal education programs will help our employees learn more about diversity and racial justice.
2) WE WILL GIVE. We are immediately committing $100,000 to the Black Lives Matter, P.S. Arts, and developing a matching program for WEBTOON staff. We are also identifying organizations we can build lasting relationships that will benefit from both ongoing contributions and storytelling expertise unique to WEBTOON.
3) WE WILL SUPPORT. We’ll begin more actively representing the Black Community through our content curation.
WEBTOON is committed to seeing that these changes are not short term.
We are so grateful to our employees, our creators, and our community of readers. Your compassion and intelligence inspire us. We share your anger.
It is time to use that anger to create lasting change. To turn hate to hope.

For more information on curated resources please click here.