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How to redeem promotion codes 03.31.2020

Please follow the instructions below to redeem promotion codes earned by participating in events. 


To properly redeem your promotion code, please make sure to update your WEBTOON app to the latest version

Also remember to use CAPITAL LETTERS when entering your promotion code.


* Android devices: 

- More > Buy Coins > Promotion Code




* iOS devices:

- Due to Apple's policy, iOS users are only able to redeem promotion codes through WEBTOON's mobile web or PC web service. 

- For mobile web, please click here: 

- For PC Web, please click here:

* Mobile Web: 









* Please note that: 

- You must have a valid WEBTOON account to redeem codes. 

- Promotion codes can only be redeemed once per account.

- Coins cannot be transferred between different device types. Please make sure to choose the correct OS.

- Free Coins cannot be used in other language services. 

- Free Coins can be used only in the WEBTOON app.

- Free Coins are valid for 30 days.