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A Letter to CANVAS Creators and Notice on Additional Support 03.19.2020

12/28/20 Update

Dear CANVAS creators,


To better support the creator community during the pandemic, we are extending our WEBTOON CANVAS Creator Rewards Program until the end of 2021. We are also extending the current 100% net ad revenue support for CANVAS creators until the end of June 2021 (July payout)​. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated via this notice page. You can find more information on our 2021 monetization programs from here.






6/22/20 Update 

Dear CANVAS creators, 

Due to the current global situation surrounding COVID-19 and the hardships many creators are facing as a result, we will be extending the current 100% net ad revenue support for CANVAS creators through the end of 2020, with the final 100% net ad revenue payout happening January 2021 for December revenue. 

This has been a difficult time, and we want to say thank you so much to the CANVAS community of creators and readers for continuing to support each other. Whether it be through episode comments, engaging on social media,or simply subscribing to new series, we have witnessed an increase in community sentiment despite everything going on, and it has been so inspiring to see. 

We are aiming to distribute two million dollars to CANVAS creators in 2020, and hope to distribute even more with the 100% net ad revenue support extension. Overall, weve seen a 43% increase in the ad revenue shared to creators year over year, and we are working hard to continue growing that number. 

There are now over 70,000 creators and 90,000 series on CANVAS. As the platform grows, our support for creators must continue to grow. To make the CANVAS platform more user-friendly for both creators and readers, we will roll out a new monetization program scheduled to launch later this year! 

We have seen many new creators on the CANVAS platform thanks to the Short Story Contest (which is still open for submissions until June 30th), and hope to see many of you stick around! We are also so excited about the CANVAS platform launching in Spanish, and hope to continue bringing creators and readers more language options as time goes on. If you are a Spanish creator, there will be a contest hosted on the Spanish platform from July 1st - September 28th, and you can find more information on it  here! 


This is a pretty long notice packed with a lot of information, so thanks a lot for reading it all, and thank you so much for being part of WEBTOON CANVAS! 





5/13/20 Update

We will be continuing our 100% net ad revenue support for CANVAS creators through the month of May (June payout) and will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated via this notice page.  




To our CANVAS creators, 



With everything going on currently due to COVID-19, we know that maintaining a series while also maintaining physical and mental health can be very difficult. It's uncertain where things will be at in a few weeks and longer, but for now, we are all working from home and making sure to stay as safe as possible so we can continue to be available to support our creators and do our parts to keep our communities safe. 




For our CANVAS creators in our Ad Revenue Sharing Program, we will be committing to giving creators 100% of the net revenue they generate from ads on their series for the full months of March and April, 2020. We will continue to monitor the COVID19 situation closely and may extend the support for a longer period of time. 



We will continue to #CelebrateCANVASDay on the second Monday of every month (with the next one happening April 13th), and remain available for questions via We are still sharing series updates and more on our socials (@webtooncanvas on Twitter and Instagram) and plan to stay as connected with our creator community as possible throughout these difficult times. Stay safe and please do not hesitate to reach out to us for your creator needs.  



The CANVAS Team – Joy, Jes, and Danika