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Varsity Noir

Kate Glasheenauthor info


Think your teen years were dark? Try being John - a recovering addict fresh out of rehab. And now his biggest challenge yet, re-integrating back into the ruthless social cesspool that is high school. There are temptations around every corner, but hey, his mom still believes in him (that’s what moms do) and his best friend Brad has never stopped having his back – even when it’s not exactly in his own self-interest to do so. No, it’s not going to be easy to turn things around – especially when Brad finds himself way in over his head out on the streets – leaving John to figure out a way to help his pal…before it’s too late. Maybe John won’t be going straight as soon as he’d hoped after all.

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About the creator

Kate Glasheen ETC HOMEPAGE

A professional illustrator who's been described as "worrisome," and "very worrisome." Kate has an unrivaled sweet tooth and enjoys tiger bites and gasoline fires. Now that she's finally been cleared to leave her veterinarian-mandated quarantine, Kate can be found drawing, or collecting enemies.

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