Creators 101 :: HOW TO PUBLISH
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Discover is our free and open platform for creators to publish their digital comics and connect with millions of readers around the globe, as well as monetize their work through a new partnership with Patreon.

  1. Working on your next comic?
  2. Publish it on LINE WEBTOON Discover!
  3. Reach new readers around the globe!
  4. You’ll have access to world class features
  5. We’ve got your back with Patreon support
  6. Webtoon is publishing made easy!

Discover creators have an array of products at their disposal to promote their comic and interact with their fans to feel at home. All comics have commenting on every chapter, socialsharing to every popular platform, subscriptions for readers to receive push notifications for new content, ratings, likes, and more. Discover creators also have the option to link their Patreon accounts to their comics on Discover and let readers pledge directly for ongoing support. Creators will have direct access to their patronage status and their readership stats on their Discover.

Also once a month, the LINE WEBTOON editorial team gathers to select titles to move from Discover to our Featured section where creators receive guaranteed rates and bonuses from WEBTOON as further explained below.



We are always on the lookout for new comics to be Featured from Discover and every month, we offer creators of select titles guaranteed monthly compensation, as well as marketing and PR support. In addition, featured titles can get an access to other benefits such as merchandise, game development, animation, television, and feature film opportunities.

  1. Ongoing monthly payments

    LINE WEBTOON guarantees a competitive compensation. Any artists publishing comics exclusively on LINE WEBTOON would get paid ongoing monthly payments. Plus we have incentive system that you can get extra payment once you reach certain number of popularity and page view.

  2. Gain worldwide fans

    LINE WEBTOON is officially serviced in several languages including Korean, English, Mandarin, Thai, Japanese and more. If your creation is successful and has certain potential to go international, it can be published in other LINE WEBTOON services and get an opportunity to reach out international audiences.

  3. New business opportunities for artists

    LINE WEBTOON helps the artist to earn benefit from additional compensation such as licensing for merchandising, publication, making a movie and more. In fact, webtoon-based movies, TV dramas, animations, PC/mobile games, and theatrical plays are actively being produced, enabling our contents to become mainstream. So far, a total of 189 books, videos, and games based on webtoons have either been produced or are in the process of being made.