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Punishment in Cadeck

B͏͟l̷͟͢͡͡a͏̡̀c̕͟͏k̀͢͢ ͟͡R̵͢ą̧b̕͠͠҉b̸̶͘͢͝i̷̡̨͝ţ̵̨̧̕ (Pt. 5)

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Shycotic Bunni Creator

Poor Shyco, he's like, completely in shock. Anyhow, this ends The Book of Diamond and next week I should be returning to the regular style of drawing. If I get a majority vote for this particular painting style, I can make it happen for the last part (which is coming over the next following weeks~). I owe ya'll that much. :D Thank you all for reading on~~ -JP