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Century Without A Mind

Elita Renataauthor info

In an attempt to fly free from her imprisonment Saiki becomes cursed with no gravity. Now believing the only thing that can ground her is her wish for revenge, she soon joins a heist against the reigning monarchy. Inspired by: The Light Princess by George MacDonald and Cupid & Psyche by Lucius Apuleius. ؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂ UPDATES: Every other Monday ؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂ WHO: Elita Renata is a two-person team; Elita writes while Renata draws. ؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂؂ INSTAGRAM ✦ @elita.renata