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The White Rose of Rome romance comic



The White Rose of Rome

What happens when the God of Love loses his heart to a man that doesn't remember him? Venus, God of Love, has everything he could ever want. He throws the best parties, has the greatest friends, and his girlfriend is so good in the sack it's a miracle she isn't a Goddess of Lust. A new threat has placed all the Gods in danger, though, and his perfect life is uprooted when Jupiter, King of the Gods, summons him back to Rome. Upon arriving at the Citadel of the Gods, Venus meets Adonis, the beloved son of the Underworld. In a startling moment of clarity, he remembers a heart-wrenching truth: they were soulmates in another life and Adonis has forgotten all about it. Desperate to rekindle the flame that once existed between them, as well as save Adonis from the unknown threat now facing him, Venus throws himself in a direction he never thought he'd go--away from the life he knew and into one very likely to get him killed permanently. ***Coming June 1st***

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