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The Badguys

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THE BADGUYS is a superhero comedy heist comic with a cast of characters supremely out of their depth. Dealing with daddy issues, bad breakups, decades-old grudges and profound professional inadequacies, the whole endeavour is pretty much a foregone conclusion. Badguys never win: There are rules, after all.

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About the creator


By day, LG Lancaster writes about tech, games and pop culture for CNET. By night, he gets into all sorts of trouble with fictional supervillains. THE BADGUYS is his first comic that isn't about Napoleon being a zombie. He lives in Sydney, Australia.

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About the creator

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Colombian born Orlando Caicedo has worked on animated TV shows such as Archer, Frisky Dingo, The Xtacles and Unsupervised. Currently working stateside as a freelance illustrator and addicted to drawing.

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