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Dents is an apocalyptic journey to the year 2111, where more than half of the world’s population has been wiped out by an ancient plague. After a vaccination is developed, there is a massive increase in the birth of identical twins possessing extraordinary powers, known in society as “Dents.” Following an incident at school, Eleanor learns that she herself is a Dent, separated from her twin at birth, and is quickly swept into an underground society of other Dents trying to survive. Dents will be back with a brand new season!

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About the creator

Beth Behrs & Matt Doyle ETC TWITTER

[Beth Behrs] stars in CBS’ hit 2 Broke Girls which is in its 5th season. This spring, Behrs stars in the off-Broadway show A Funny Thing Happened… [Matt Doyle] is an actor known for Broadway hits The Book of Mormon, War Horse, and Spring Awakening. His album,Uncontrolled, debuted in February.

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About the creator

Sid Kotian facebook homepage

Sid Kotian is a comic artist from Mumbai, India. His previous works include The Adventures of Apocalypse Al and Dream Police with Image Comics.

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