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A couple of elves, a gnome and an android walk into a bar… Ranial, Thame, Ian and Math, four strangers brought together by circumstance, set off on a series of cybernetic adventures in the wake of a war that has left their world a post-apocalyptic fantasy wasteland. Words by Sam Machado, Art by Cynthia Sousa (Theamat), Colors/Letters by Amanda Sousa Machado, Created by Bradley Mason.

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About the creator


Bradley Mason was the Dungeon Master of a Saturday afternoon tabletop RPG that immortalized Ian, Math, Thame and Ranial in the minds of his players. Little did he know that those characters, with stories yet untold, would pull him into their continuing saga that has become Cyberbunk.

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About the creator

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We, Cynthia “Theamat” Sousa (artist), Amanda Sousa Machado (colors and letters) and Sam Machado (writer) call ourselves TAS. Our work together (and apart) is regularly featured in The Line it is Drawn by Brian Cronin on his blog, ‘Comics Should Be Good’. We hope you enjoy Cyberbunk.

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