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Natali Presano never fit into her father’s perfectly human world: politically ambitious, he turned his back on her just when she needed him most. Losing her mother to tragedy as a young child, Natali fled the safety of home into the arms of her aunt Selena, the mysterious guardian of a magical order waging a centuries-old war for survival in the mountains of Spain. Natali, now in her 20s, has followed in her aunt’s footsteps, becoming a powerful but rebellious witch in her own right. Returning to Seattle, she finds herself caught between a cruel modern world and the ancient evil threatening to destroy it.

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About the creator

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Jessica Chobot is a host for the Nerdist News, Mothership, and Bizarre States. She is formerly a host at IGN and G4 and is a notable expert in the tech & video game industries. Also formerly of G4, Erika Lewis started in television production.

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About the creator

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Claudia Aguirre is a comic book artist worked in every facet of the comic industry and has self-published four independent graphic novels under the seal of Boudika Comics. Her past work includes illustrating games and apps, but her primary focus is creating quality, inclusive, and diverse comics.

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